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Reflective Labels and Decals

Reflective labels are typically used for the construction and automotive industries, because they are shiny, attention grabbing and can be seen in darker conditions.  Often times, reflective decals are used to indicate safety or warning messages since they do stand out.

The reflective material is an enclosed lens, retroreflective film. This material is often used with transparent inks to allow the reflective properties of the substrate to show through the ink. This material is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.

Reflective labels from Specialty Printing are:

  • Extremely durable
  • Weather proof, weather resistant
  • Permanent inks (no fading or bleeding)
  • Permanent adhesion; pressure sensitive

Typical Applications for reflective decals include:

  • Reflective hard hat decals
  • Reflective equipment/automotive warning decals
  • Reflective construction signage/labels

All reflective labels are customized to your exact specifications.

For quick price quotes or for samples of our custom reflective labels, please request a quote.